Leicestershire Twirling Toddlers

Cheryl Revill BA (Hons)

Business Manager Leicestershire

I’m Cheryl and I run Twirling Toddlers branches in Balsall Common, Kenilworth and Leicestershire. Cheryl competed as a gymnast at both regional and national level, up until the age of 18 and then moved to Coventry in 1998 where she studied at Coventry University and got her BA (Hons) degree in Dance. Cheryl is Mum to 2 amazing munchkins and says, “It’s great to be working with little ones each day, watching them learn and grow is fantastic, and seeing them smiling is so rewarding”.

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“Isla has been attending Twirling Toddlers Leicestershire since September 2019. She immediately loved the classes with their wide range of activities and fun approach to exercise. The enthusiasm of the teacher, Hannah, is clear to see, and all of the children are quickly engaged. The format of the classes is similar every week, which gives the children confidence, and the range of skills they learn is great- coordination, a sense of rhythm, social skills & turn -taking. Although the classes haven’t been able to run this term, the online versions have been a great replacement, & my daughter has looked forward to those as much as the face to face classes! Great value for money!” Anna

“This class is amazing. My daughter does not stop smiling all the way through! The teacher is really good with kids and its great fun. So glad I found this class, would 100% recommend to anyone”.

“My daughter LOVES this class. It’s massively helped her confidence, balance and coordination. We both genuinely look forward to our session”

“Cheryl is always welcoming and bubbly. We are both excited to do our ‘tappy shoes’ and ballet! The songs are different every week and Daisy always remembers the moves! Showing me she’s learning all the time! Whole lotta love for Twirling Toddlers!” Faye

“Excellent sessions led by Cheryl. Very engaging with all the children” Carole

“Cheryl is a fantastic teacher. My daughter enjoys being called out in class or recognised, which Cheryl is really good at making each child feel special & helps them with further development” Marnie.

“My daughter loves Twirling Toddlers, the class is so much fun for both of us and it is lovely to see you child develop each week”


“Overall, the sessions just bring the perfect balance of not only learning to dance, but also exercise, socialising, developing listening skills, confidence building, using imagination and above all great fun! 

Would recommend (and already have) these session to anyone and everyone!” Rachel

“Fantastic! Cannot improve perfection” Anne-Marie

“Cheryl engages all the children really well + Olivia loves coming every week. Always lots of variety”. Lisa

“Cheryl is great- really good with the children and very patient” Sarah

“We have been coming for nearly a year now. Cheryl is lovely and puts the children at ease and is very patient.” Louise

“Faye has sparked a love of dance in my daughter. Twirling Toddlers provides the ideal start for venturing into dance classes, with an amazing balance of playfulness mixed with dance development and I will continue to recommend it as a place for toddlers to enter into for early dance classes.” Lisa.

“We love Twirling Toddlers! My little boy started these ballet classes when he turned 2 and we haven’t looked back. Cheryl’s style is so engaging and encouraging – when she tells him he has done well, he will beam and talk about it for the rest of the day. We have been so pleased to be able to continue these classes online, and absolutely cannot wait to get back to ‘in person’ classes in the future.” Ros.